AP CSP: Questions About the Course Audit


What is the AP Course Audit?

The AP Course Audit is an authorization process that provides teachers and administrators with guidelines and requirements for offering AP courses. It also ensures that AP courses across high schools meet the same college-level criteria.

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Do I have to complete the AP Course Audit process before I start teaching this course?

No. Teachers don’t need to complete the AP Course Audit process to start teaching the course. They do, however, need to start the course audit process to gain access to AP Classroom and the AP Digital Portfolio—a web-based application where teachers create a classroom and confirm students’ submission of performance tasks as part of the assessment for this course.

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Is the AP Course Audit required?

Yes. Every school wishing to label a course a “AP” course must participate in the AP Course Audit.

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What's involved in completing the AP Course Audit? Who needs to participate, and what do they need to do?

The AP Course Audit requires the online submission of two documents: the AP Course Audit form and the teacher’s course document. The AP teacher and the school principal or designated course audit administrator submit the AP Course Audit form, acknowledging the curricular and resource requirements. The course document, detailing how the AP course requirements will be met, is submitted by the AP teacher for review by college faculty.

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Where can I get help preparing my course document?

The AP CSP Course Audit page provides teachers with the tools to create and submit their course document for authorization, including curricular requirements, a syllabus development guide, and two annotated sample syllabi. To receive course authorization, teachers can choose to create their own course document, adopt and submit a sample syllabus, or adopt and submit an endorsed curriculum provider syllabus.

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Have more questions?

Go to the AP Course Audit page for more resources and information about the process.

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