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Important Updates

For more information, please see the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1. For an overview and timeline of the steps coordinators, teachers, and students need to take from the start of the school year through the November 15 ordering deadline, download Setup, Enrollment, and Ordering.

As you organize your exam order for submission, and even after you submit the order, it’s important to update your order based on student enrollment at your school.

Remember to check for:

  • Students who need to enroll in a class section after initial enrollment has been completed or your initial exam order has been submitted (not transfer students)
  • Students who transfer to your school
  • Students who transfer out of your school
  • Students who move from one class section of a course to another class section for the same course
  • Students who drop a course and who may or may not still be taking the exam

See more information about special ordering circumstances.

It’s important to make the accurate adjustment to your exam order based on the student’s scenario, because there could be fee implications.

After you submit your initial exam order, you’ll need to submit changes to your order any time you make an adjustment or update.

Information to Verify in the Exam Roster

On the Orders page in AP Registration and Ordering, review the information in All Exams, which displays a summary of all the exams that will be included in your exam order based on information in the Students section.

Review the following information on the Orders page and make any necessary changes.

  • Not Taking Exam: Verify that students whose Order Exam? status is set as No or Undecided don’t intend to take the AP Exam. If any students have a status of Undecided, check with them to resolve their exam registration (either to No or Yes) before you submit your exam order.
  • Exam Date: Review the exam date listed for each course. If you know you need both standard and late exams for a particular course but only standard is listed, you’ll need to review the exam date listed for students and switch the appropriate students to late testing.
  • Reduced Fee: Account for known fee reductions. You’ll be able to update students’ fee reduction status after submitting your exam order. The deadline to indicate students’ fee reduction statuses in AP Registration and Ordering is April 30, 2020 (11:59 p.m. ET).
  • SSD Materials: Account for special exam materials for students with approved or expected accommodations.

For more information about making exam order adjustments in AP Registration and Ordering, see the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1.

Changing Student Exam Decision

If you need to change a student’s exam decision, go to the Students page, and select the appropriate choice next to the student’s name in the Order Exam? column.

To cancel a student’s exam, change their Order Exam? status to No.

Note: Even if a student isn’t taking the exam for an AP class section they’re enrolled in, they still have access to AP Classroom resources assigned by their teacher for that class section.

Selecting the Order for AP ID Labels

The student and exam information from your order will be used to create personalized AP ID labels for each student. Students will put an AP ID label on their answer sheet at each AP Exam they take, eliminating the need for the extensive bubbling that was previously required.

You can select how you’d like the AP ID labels to be sorted when they’re sent to your school. You will be prompted to select an option—student name, grade level, or student first exam—for the labels when you submit your order.

Submitting the Order

After you’ve made any necessary adjustments to the order, review the exam information shown on your Orders page in AP Registration and Ordering.

When you’re confident the information is correct, you’ll click the Submit button and confirm you want to submit the order.

Submitting Changes to Your Initial Exam Order

The first time you submit your exam order is considered your initial order. If you need to make updates after submitting your initial exam order, you need to submit these changes through AP Registration and Ordering. Changes could include new student enrollments, students transferring to or out of your school, alternate exams for late testing, or special exam materials for students with accommodations. If you have unsubmitted changes, you’ll see the message View unsubmitted changes on the Orders page in AP Registration and Ordering.

You can submit changes to your order as many times as necessary until the November 15 final ordering deadline without incurring any additional fees. Changes submitted after November 15 may incur late order or unused/canceled exam fees.

For more information about finalizing your exam order in AP Registration and Ordering, please see the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1.