Project Based AP Courses

Project based learning can help develop the inquiry skills to take on real-world challenges and prepare your students for the future. Did you know these AP courses lend themselves to a project based learning model of instruction?

In addition, these AP courses use projects and performance tasks as part of a student’s final AP Exam score:

  • AP Seminar and AP Research. These interdisciplinary courses are part of the AP Capstone Diploma™ Program and focus on developing students’ skills in research, analysis, collaboration, writing, and presentation.
  • AP Computer Science Principles. Whether students want to pursue a career in computer science, medicine, fashion, or engineering, this AP course can help them prepare and learn how to build real-world solutions. No prior coding knowledge is needed for this course.
  • AP Art and Design Courses. In an AP Art and Design course, students develop the skills that artists and designers use, and create a portfolio of work that is assessed to produce their AP score.

Please note: this instructional model is a personal choice and not a curricular requirement.

Powerful new research examining AP Environmental Science and AP U.S. Government and Politics shows that project based learning can significantly improve performance on the AP Exam. Connect with a community of AP teachers who are bringing AP Project Based Learning to their classrooms for these courses through the AP Project Based Learning Series.

See the AP course and exam pages for more details on all AP courses.