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Teacher and School Participation/Authorization

All authorized AP teachers are eligible to participate, and students enrolled in a current AP course with an authorized AP with WE Service AP teacher.

No, you do not need to submit an updated AP Course Audit form to participate in AP with WE Service. AP with WE Service is designed to enhance your regular AP course.

No—there is no fee for the program. All resources and supports are free.

We encourage you to explore the outreach resources on our AP with WE Service website, including a flyer about the program to share with students and parents, to build support, motivation, and engagement in your school.

Each participating teacher is required to submit an authorization form.

There is an attestation on the authorization form noting that you have informed your administration of your participation, but there is no formal role other than approving applicable extracurricular activities or fundraising initiatives at the school.

There is no deadline to submit, however, two things to be aware of: (1) the sooner you submit your authorization form, the sooner you will be able to add AP with WE Service to your AP class and begin planning for the year; and (2) teachers need to be registered in the AP Digital Portfolio and set up in advance of the June 30 project submission date in order to enter student projects, score, and submit.

Authorization forms are handled on a rolling basis and new additions are sent to our AP Digital Portfolio Team for processing on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis (depending on time of year). Please allow a full two weeks for your authorization form to be processed. You can check your status by logging in to My AP to see if you have the AP with WE checkbox option next to your class(es) in My Classes.

No. Though we do recommend interested teachers attend an AP with WE Service informational session at the start of the academic year or watch via video-on-demand.  We also encourage our returning AP with WE Service teachers to attend an onboarding session to review timelines, resources, and additional instructional supports. Both offerings are available via video-on-demand through the AP with WE Service page.  

There are no instructional hour requirements.

If you’re unable to implement the AP with WE Service program this year, please email us at to let us know and we will update our records to reflect this change.

As a reminder, the authorization form that you initially submitted does allow your participation to roll over to next academic year. We’ll be sure to include you in email communication once the next academic school year begins. 


Students should complete a summary and provide evidence per the AP with WE Service rubric, but there is no submission requirement for the student or teacher. While some teachers do opt to have their students upload work in the AP Digital Portfolio, it is not a requirement. The work they submit to the teacher should be reviewed against the rubric and then scored using the AP Digital Portfolio.

You can find everything you need to implement this program, including implementation resources, teacher modules, sample project ideas, helpful video guides, and a communication toolkit at

We recommend completing part 1 in the fall for full year courses, but this is up to the teacher’s discretion. In the past, teachers have started in the second semester and have still been successful with the program. To learn more, review the implementation guide in the fall to determine what schedule is best for you.

No. You may use your own activities or alternate activities if they achieve the same learning outcomes and requirements in the recognition rubric.

Either is acceptable although we recommend allowing students to take the lead on developing the project.

We recommend completing projects in the spring. Digital portfolio scoring is due at the end of June and projects must be completed prior to scoring.

We recommend 4–6 students per group, but projects can be completed as a class or individually, as well. We rely on teachers to determine what is best for their classroom and their students.

Yes! Review these AP with WE Service Project Examples and Virtual Alternatives.

Additionally, the AP with WE Service Facebook group is a great place to connect with fellow teachers in your discipline who are also working on service learning projects this year.

It is a requirement of AP with WE Service for students to complete a local and global project. Some students will have to do two separate projects, one for local and one for global. Others will be able to do one project and fulfill both the local and global requirements. Teachers can determine if students should do one or two projects based on the nature of the project that they choose.

Yes, if your students have time between the AP Exam and the end of the school year, they’re able to complete their project during this time. Please keep in mind, all students must be scored by June 30 of the corresponding academic school year.

To be eligible to earn the AP with WE Service Recognition, the service  learning project must be completed the same academic year that the corresponding AP course and AP Exam are taken.

There is no penalty for students who don’t complete the program. Teachers would simply not enter scores for these students in the digital portfolio.

Digital Portfolio

This AP with WE Service: Navigating Digital Portfolio video shows how to designate your class section, access the digital portfolio, and score your students’ projects. If you do not have the AP with WE Service checkbox, or need additional assistance, please email

Students can visit and log in with their College Board username and password. There’s no requirement for students to upload their work into the digital portfolio. In fact, many teachers have their own way of collecting student work. The digital portfolio is where all student projects will be scored by their teacher.

Student Scoring and Recognition

 Students who meet the requirements of the service learning project rubric and sit for the AP Exam (there is no score requirement for the AP Exam) will receive the AP with WE Service Recognition.

Students who meet the requirements of the rubric and sit for the corresponding AP Exam (there is no score requirement) will be notified in late July of their recognition. They will receive an email from the AP Program with a link to a digital certificate and instructions on how to view the designation on their AP score report.

June 30 of the current academic year.

There are no minimum hour requirements to fulfill your AP with WE Service project. Students should focus on the quality of their service project and not on the time spent doing their project.

There is no requirement for students to upload their work to the AP Digital Portfolio. Students should complete a final summary and reflection, but teachers can collect this work in the manner they see fit.

No. The only requirement is that students sit for the exam and have a reportable score (0–5).

Taking part in AP with WE Service gives students the opportunity to build and demonstrate skills such as:

  • Civic engagement: Students build an understanding of their active role in solving today’s local and global problems and are motivated to be agents of change.
  • Leadership: Students perform a role within the project team to own their respective work and present results to community members to motivate further action.
  • Critical thinking and analysis: Students complete a needs assessment of the problem, draw conclusions, and evaluate project impact.
  • Communication and collaboration: Students work collaboratively within teams and with community members to research, plan, and execute service projects by expressing opinions, clearly communicating ideas, and defending a position with evidence.

The AP with WE Service Recognition helps to set students apart from other applicants and demonstrates a commitment to civic responsibility and a well-rounded education.

Additional FAQs

Students can opt out of participating in any course if they are enrolled in more than one. If they participate in more than one, they will only see one designation on their score report.

Service hours completed through an AP with WE Service course should count toward service hour requirements, but it’s best to verify with your school counselor or administration.

No. There is no AP with WE Service exam. To earn the AP with WE Service Recognition, a student must sit for the course-specific AP Exam.

The AP with WE Service program is specifically designed to work with, and be implemented with, AP courses. Pre-AP courses will not qualify students to receive the AP with WE Service Recognition.

You can find everything you need to implement this program, including implementation resources, teacher modules, sample project ideas, helpful video guides, and a communication toolkit at