What benefits do students receive from participating in AP with WE Service and earning the AP with WE Service Recognition?

Taking part in AP with WE Service gives students the opportunity to build and demonstrate skills such as:

  • Civic engagement: Students build an understanding of their active role in solving today’s local and global problems and are motivated to be agents of change.
  • Leadership: Students perform a role within the project team to own their respective work and present results to community members to motivate further action.
  • Critical thinking and analysis: Students complete a needs assessment of the problem, draw conclusions, and evaluate project impact.
  • Communication and collaboration: Students work collaboratively within teams and with community members to research, plan, and execute service projects by expressing opinions, clearly communicating ideas, and defending a position with evidence.

The AP with WE Service Recognition helps to set students apart from other applicants and demonstrates a commitment to civic responsibility and a well-rounded education.