Appendix 6: Web Work and Other Activities

  • The African Diaspora in the Indian Ocean World

    From the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.
    The African Diaspora in the Indian Ocean World

  • Online Map Creation

    Go to this Web site and make your own study maps (read the tips first): Use the Mercator projection (experiment with the others later). For a map of eastern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean, use these settings: North> 40, West> 20, East> 80, South> -40. For the East Coast and its hinterland, use these settings: North> 15, West> 20, East> 50, South> -25. Print either color or grayscale (black and white) maps.
    Online Map Creation

  • Perry-Casteñada Library Map Collection

    To find places underlined in the appendix 5 timeline, use modern maps of Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, and Mozambique.
    Perry-Castaeda Library Map Collection

  • Marion Kaplan: Arab Dhows

    From the Web site of a professional photographer, several superb photos of the vessels.
    Marion Kaplan: Arab Dhows

  • Ministry of Information -- Sultanate of Oman

    The site includes a photo gallery (notice especially young men in Omani traditional dress).
    Ministry of Information -- Sultanate of Oman

  • Zanzibar Home Page

    Select "Historical Pictures" for views of a cloves plantation and the ivory trade. Also check out the map.
    Zanzibar Home Page

  • Tanzania Tourist Board

    • What part did Mbweni play in the days of slavery and the slave trade? Find the answer at this web site. Select "Where to Stay in Stone Town" and "Mbweni Ruins Hotel". Use this and other parts of the site to draw up an itinerary for a visit to Zanzibar and coastal islands.
      Tanzania Tourist Board

    • Study the map. How do modern roads, railroads, and game parks reflect the trade routes of the nineteenth century?
      Tanzania Map


    To learn about the Omani conflict with the Mazrui of Mombasa,  select "The Zanzibar Sultanate."


    To learn about slave-raiding in southern Sudan today, browse at this site. Select "Articles and Literature." Some articles here support the controversial practice of paying money to redeem slaves. This probably encourages more raiding. Compare what is happening now to the situation in various parts of eastern Africa in the nineteenth century.