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Score Rationale

  • The work shows an excellent application of 2-D design principles to a broad range of design problems. Both unity and variety are skillfully used within the portfolio. Images are aptly balanced, provide clear emphasis, and create rhythms that are both subtle and dynamic. Design solutions span figurative drawings, mixed-media collages, abstractions of observational space, and textile explorations.
  • The work clearly demonstrates original and innovative ideas with an effective articulation of a range of 2-D design issues. The figure in image 1 is placed on a ground of mixed fabrics with excellent use of the surface and effective asymmetrical balance. Despite the risky placement of the central figure, the work draws the viewer’s eyes to explore the remaining surface with its use of repeated patterns, colored material, and lines of threads. This effective use of the elements and principles of design not only makes the work visually successful, but also shows originality by bringing emphasis to aspects of the visual culture of the figure depicted in the work.
  • The work clearly demonstrates a broad range of intentions or approaches. For example, there are multiple means of addressing figures. Images 8 and 10 show the ability to draw figures from a model. The cut-paper collage in image 5 introduces abstraction by using flat shapes and subtle color shifts, while the large-scale painting in image 3 represents further abstraction in its color use and hints at a recognizable form. Other approaches include pen and ink entomological illustrations (image 6), fiber constructions (image 4), mixed-media explorations tucked into the pages of a vintage book (images 2 and 12), and some experimentation with linear gestures (images 11 and 12).
  • The work as a whole is confident and evocative; it engages the viewer with visual qualities. Image 7 engages the viewer with its confident use of space. Two-dimensional linear monochromatic drawings float in space above a colored background, providing an illusion of depth/space. The nuanced use of juxtaposition of the drawn objective and non objective forms further adds to its evocative qualities. Additionally, the wood surface and its division into two blocks show an understanding of how the work would be viewed.
  • The work is technically excellent; materials and media are used effectively to express ideas. Pieces in the portfolio show a confident use of pen and ink (images 6 and 11), mixed-media collage techniques (images 1 and 12), acrylic paint (image 3), charcoal and pastel (images 8 and 10), and cut paper (images 5 and 9). The materials are used with care and precision (see, for instance, images 5, 6, 9, and 11). Mark-making and surface manipulation are loose when that technique contributes to imagery that is energetic (see images 3, 4, 7, 8, and 10). Some of the works also blend unexpected materials into the designs, such as sheet music, postage stamps, vintage photography, and thread.