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Portfolio Score: 5

Score Rationale

  • The work exhibits excellent, well-informed decision-making and intention. The design solution for each work is specific to the concept, with each piece supported by different design elements. Image 3 is structured as a grid, suggesting a film documentation of an event in time. Another piece (image 1) is a digital photo collage of a figure in space, with layered horizontal strips suggesting a disrupted reality.  Emphasis on the face and shoe anchor the figure in space.
  • The composition of the works is original, imaginative and inventive. All works layer visual elements to create complex, unified compositions connect time and space, perception and reality. For example, image 4 creates unity through balance and contrast between two layers and two halves of a composition—a white line drawing over a dark photographic background repeats and reverses the imagery of the background (a brick building juxtaposed with an image of a stone).  
  • The work shows successful engagement with experimentation and risk-taking in all pieces. While all works express dichotomy of a state of being, the visual approach to each piece is different, indicating deep engagement with the subject and experimentation with approach.
  • The work as a whole is confident and evocative; it engages the viewer with visual qualities. For example, image 1 displays nuanced subtlety. Unity is achieved through the flow of the blue hue as it is layered within the sky and through horizontal pieces of the image in a variety of widths.
  • Technical competence of the work is generally excellent; materials and media are used effectively to express ideas. Image 1 creates a visual disruption of reality and perception to suggest hallucination. In image 2, the mixed media collage of the diner booth creates a disruption of time and space to suggest interaction of past and present through memory.