Latin Tutorial: 5. Phrasing Multiple-Choice Questions

Points to Keep in Mind

Questions based on passages are numbered in the order in which the answers are found in the passage (i.e., a question whose answer is found in line 1 comes before a question whose answer is found in line 2).

In questions about verb forms, the stem usually asks for any or all of the following, in this order: person, number, tense, voice, mood.

The following list is not exhaustive and alternate phraseology within each item type may occur.

Note: In the following examples, blanks following the word "line" or "lines" are to be filled in with the line number, and other blanks are to be filled in with Latin words. "In line ___ (_______ ... _______)" means "In line x (first Latin word in line ... last Latin word in line)."


What part of speech is the word _________ (line __)?

(A) a verb
(B) an adverb
(C) a noun
(D) an adjective

The subject (object) of _________ (line __) is

(A) _________ (line 1)
(B) _________ (line 2)
(C) _________ (line 2)
(D) _________ (line 3)

(Note: Options are given in order of occurrence in the passage.)

More examples of item stem forms:

The case and number of _______ (line __) are

The case of ________ (line __) is determined by

In line __ (_______ ... _______), _________ describes (modifies) [Insert Latin words at beginning and end of line]

The tense and mood of ________ (line __) are

In line __, cum (ut, quid, etc.) is translated


Translation Questions

The words _______ ... _______ (lines __) are translated

In line ____, _______ ... _______ is translated

Comprehension Questions

The words ________________ (line __) tell us that

Lines __ (_______ ... _______) tell us that


In line __, qui (ille, se, etc.) refers to

In line __, qui (ille, se, etc.) refers to the same thing as

From lines __, (_______ ... _______), we can infer that


The metrical pattern of the first four feet of line __, (_______ ... _______) is

(A) dactyl-spondee-dactyl-spondee

(A) | | |

How many elisions occur in line __ (_______ ... _______)?

Figures of Speech

What feature of literary style occurs in _______ ... _______ (line __)?

(A) Litotes
(B) Polysyndeton
(C) Apostrophe
(D) Personification

Which of the following figures of speech (rhetorical devices) occurs in lines ____, (_______ ... _______)?