When will the AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams: Setup and Administration Guide be available?

A link to the setup and administration guide will be emailed in late February to AP coordinators who ordered AP Chinese or AP Japanese Language and Culture Exams for this year's AP Exam administration. The guide will also be posted on

If you have students taking one of these exams who are approved by the College Board SSD office to test with an accommodation, review the “Testing Accommodations” section in the guide and complete any necessary steps by March 15 to ensure the appropriate exam form is available.   

Note: Although the setup and administration guide will be available in February, schools should not begin installation or run readiness checks until late March when the AP Program sends the installation email to AP coordinators. All 2023 exam application features won’t be available until late March. If you choose to open the exam application before you receive the installation email from the AP Program, you won’t have access to the 2023 features until you rerun readiness checks starting at the end of March.