AP Chinese and AP Japanese Language and Culture

AP Chinese Language and Culture and AP Japanese Language and Culture Exams are administered in school on computers. AP coordinators will be emailed in early 2024 with details about installing the exam application on testing computers before exam day. 

The AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams: Setup and Administration Guide, will also be available in early 2024. The guide provides all information needed to prepare for and administer these exams, including the Exam Instructions (proctor script). 


AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams are ordered through AP Registration and Ordering in the same way as all other exam subjects. For more information about ordering AP Exams, go to Ordering and Fees.

System Requirements

These exams can be administered on managed Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows PCs. Internet connectivity is required throughout the setup process and exam administration. Chromebooks must be under management control of Google Workspace for Education.

Headsets are required for each student testing.

The hardware, software, and technical configuration requirements for testing computers are the same as last year. Review the complete system requirements. 


Extended time, additional breaks, adjustable screen color, screen magnification, large-print exams, screen reader, audio transcript, repetition of aural stimuli, and multiple-day testing are supported through the exam application for students who are approved for these accommodations by College Board. If a student with any other approved accommodation is planning to take the AP Chinese or AP Japanese Exam, contact the College Board SSD office.

In Early 2024

We'll email AP coordinators with all details needed to install, practice with, and administer the exams, including:

  • A link to the AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams: Setup and Administration Guide
  • The link to install the exam application on testing computers.
  • Passwords and codes that you and proctors will need to use to launch and administer exams on exam day.

If your testing computers already have the exam application installed from last year, you most likely won’t need to reinstall it. However, please wait to run the exam application until you receive the installation email from the AP Program in 2024.