When is the deadline to complete installation and readiness checks for AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams?

  • The readiness check must be done twice on each testing computer:
    1. The first, at least a few weeks before the exam—to allow time to resolve any technical issues related to network and/or test station firewalls/security.
    2. The second, within 5 days before the exam date—to ensure settings haven’t changed on the testing computers since your initial readiness check.
  • If the final readiness check isn't completed on each computer within 5 days before the exam date, students will need to complete the final readiness check on exam day before they can launch the exam.
  • It’s strongly recommended to install the exam application and run the readiness check as soon as possible on each computer that will be used for testing. Complete installation and the initial readiness check at least a few weeks before the exam to ensure computers are properly configured and to run practice exams.