My testing computers already have the AP Chinese and AP Japanese exam application installed from last year. Do I need to reinstall?

In most cases, you won’t need to reinstall the exam application if you already have it installed from the previous exam administration. The exam application will automatically update when it’s launched. Refer to the installation email sent from the AP Program and the setup and administration guide for details about running readiness checks and administering exams.

In rare instances (e.g., the computer software system has been upgraded), when you open the exam application it may ask you to reinstall. If this happens, follow the instructions on your screen.

Note: Schools should wait to run the exam application until late March when the AP Program sends the installation email to AP coordinators. All 2023 exam application features won’t be available until late March. If you choose to open the exam application before you receive the installation email from the AP Program, you won’t have access to the 2023 features until you rerun readiness checks starting at the end of March.