How do I know what types of testing accommodations are available for my students?

  • If you’re unsure what accommodations a student is approved for, your school’s SSD coordinator can check the student’s approved accommodations through SSD Online.
  • The following types of accommodations can be enabled through the AP Chinese and AP Japanese exam application:
    • Extended time
    • Additional breaks
    • Repetition of aural stimuli
    • Audio transcript
    • Screen reader*
    • Adjustable screen color*
    • Screen magnification*
      *If you have students with approved accommodations for screen reader, adjustable screen color, or screen magnification over 400% (more than 20 pt.), these accommodations require software to be installed on the testing computer. ETS technical support will contact you to help set up testing computers for these students. If you have students approved to test with these accommodations and you haven't been contacted by ETS by April 4, 2022 (if you’re administering the AP Japanese Exam), or April 13, 2022 (if you’re administering the AP Chinese Exam), please call 609-406-5640. All other accommodations listed above are enabled within the exam application and don’t require additional setup.
  • If you have students approved for accommodations not listed above, contact the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities.
  • Information about enabling accommodations on testing computers is in the AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams: Setup and Administration Guide (available in late March at