How do I know what types of testing accommodations are available for my students?

If you’re unsure what accommodations a student is approved for, your school’s SSD coordinator can check the student’s approved accommodations through SSD Online.

The following types of accommodations can be enabled through the AP Chinese and AP Japanese exam application:

  • Extended time
  • Additional breaks
  • Adjustable screen color (Windows only) 

  • Screen magnification and/or large-print exams 

  • Screen reader (Mac only, scribe required) 

  • Audio transcript 

  • Repetition of aural stimuli 

  • Multiple-day testing 

Important: If you have students taking the AP Chinese or AP Japanese Exams with a testing accommodation approved by the College Board SSD office, steps may need to be taken in AP Registration and Ordering by March 15 to ensure the accommodations will be available for students on exam day. Review the AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams: Setup and Administration Guide (available at for complete instructions. 

If students taking AP Chinese or AP Japanese Exams are approved for accommodations such as braille, a human reader, writer, sign language interpreter, or any other accommodation not noted here, you must contact the College Board SSD Office as soon as possible.  

A student who has a temporary medical or physical condition may request temporary assistance to complete the exam; see “Assistance for Temporary Physical or Medical Conditions” in the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2.