How do I switch a student’s AP Calculus Exam order from AP Calculus AB to BC or vice versa?

The AP coordinator does the following in AP Registration and Ordering:

If you order an AP Calculus AB or BC Exam for a student and they indicate after the November 15 ordering deadline that they would like to switch to the other type of AP Calculus Exam, you may switch the student’s AP Calculus Exam in AP Registration and Ordering by March 15 (11:59 p.m. ET) without incurring a late order fee.

The student must be enrolled in two class sections: the one they were originally enrolled in and the one for the exam they would like to switch to.

  • For example: A student enrolled in AP Calculus BC decides they would like to instead take the AP Calculus AB Exam. The student should enroll in the class section for AP Calculus AB while still being enrolled in the class section for AP Calculus BC.

When the student has enrolled in the second class section, click the Why can’t this be changed? tooltip (the blue question mark) next to the Order Exam? field for the class section corresponding to the exam the student isn’t taking.

Select the checkbox to switch the exam.

When you’ve completed switching the student’s exam, submit the change to your exam order. See How do I submit a change to my initial order?