How do I adjust my order for a student who transfers to my school?

The AP coordinator provides the student with the transfer code for each class section or exam only section they need to enroll in. If a student who has transferred to your school is taking multiple AP courses, the student needs the transfer code for each class section.

The transfer code is different from the join code. The transfer code is a unique code per section that enables the transfer student to enroll and be included in your exam order without incurring a late order fee. When a student uses a transfer code to enroll in a class section at your school, they’re also removed from the class section at their previous school.

The transfer code can only be accessed and provided by the AP coordinator; teachers don’t have access to the transfer code.

To access the transfer code, the AP coordinator can:

  • Go to the Courses page in AP Registration and Ordering;
  • Click Actions from the appropriate class section name; and
  • Select See Transfer Code.

It’s important to give the transfer student the transfer code and not the join code for the class section; if you give a transfer student a join code instead of the transfer code, the student might not be able to enroll in the class section or could incur the late order fee for each class section they enroll in with a join code after November 15.

If you’ve already submitted your exam order, you’ll have another step after the student has enrolled using the transfer code for each class section or exam only section they’re in. Once you’ve confirmed their exam registration, you’ll need to submit your unsubmitted changes so the student’s exam(s) will be included in your school’s exam order and your invoice will be updated. See How do I submit a change to my initial order?

Note: You don’t need to wait for the student to be transferred out of the class section at their previous school. The student can enroll in their class section at your school using the transfer code even if their previous school hasn’t yet switched them to transfer out. Give the transfer code to the student as soon as they enter an AP course at your school.