Key Facts About Digital AP Exams

Here are some key facts to help you decide if digital testing is a good fit for your school. 

  • Digital exams are available for 7 AP subjects in May 2023:

    • AP Computer Science Principles

    • AP English Language and Composition 

    • AP English Literature and Composition 

    • AP European History 

    • AP Seminar 

    • AP U.S. History 

    • AP World History: Modern 

  • The digital option is available to schools in the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C. 

  • Digital exams are optional. Schools make local decisions and choose to offer digital, paper, or a combination of paper and digital. 

  • No application is required to order digital exams. The AP coordinator indicates the mode for relevant exams in AP Registration and Ordering.

  • AP coordinators work with school or district technology staff on the school’s technical readiness for digital testing. 

  • Resources are available to help schools get ready to administer digital AP Exams. 

  • Digital exams are proctored and administered in school on the same schedule as paper exams. They may not be taken at home.

  • Digital exams include the same number of sections, number and type of questions, question choice (if applicable), and timing as the paper exams.  

  • Students can go back within a section or part to review or complete previous questions. As on the paper exam, students may not return to parts within a section that have already been completed. 

  • Students can use the Bluebook™ testing app on a wide range of devices.

  • Bluebook requirements are typical of other applications used in schools.

  • Accommodations such as extended time are provided in Bluebook. 

  • Full instructional planning reports will be available to schools and teachers for students who take digital AP Exams.



In-School Digital AP Exams FAQ

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