Ordering Digital AP Exams

Eligible schools can order digital exams for the available AP subjects in AP Registration and Ordering. 

Note: The AP African American Studies digital exam can be ordered only by schools participating in the 2023-24 pilot, and there is no paper exam option.  

How to Order Digital Exams in AP Registration and Ordering 

The AP coordinator must complete the following steps to order digital AP Exams:

  1. Log in to AP Registration and Ordering and go to the Students page. 

  2. Set a Courses filter for one of the subjects with a digital exam option. 

  3. In the Exam Date column, select Std-Digital per student per exam.

    Ordering Digital AP Exams Table

    The multiselect feature in AP Registration and Ordering can be used to change the exam type for all students in a course at once. Click the box at the top left of the roster and change the exam date to Std-Digital using the Actions drop-down menu. 

    registration and ordering

    Note: The images here are just samples and do not reflect the current exam dates. You'll see this year’s exam dates in AP Registration and Ordering.

  1. Once all changes have been confirmed, submit the updates to the school’s exam order no later than November 15, 11:59 p.m. ET. 

After November 15: The AP coordinator can switch students back to “Std-Paper,” if needed, but must do this by March 15. No additional fees apply to switching the exam mode. If the school offers these subjects as second-semester courses, the coordinator can submit a new order for these exams in the spring, but no later than March 15.

Note: We understand that rare circumstances could cause changes to your order after the March 15 deadline. If that occurs, AP coordinators can make changes to the exam mode (digital or paper) after March 15 without having to call AP Services for Educators. However, switching from digital back to paper after March 15 may go into an approval queue for the AP Program to confirm that the paper exam can be shipped to the school by the exam date.

Confirming Accommodations for Digital Exams in AP Registration and Ordering

The AP coordinator needs to take additional steps in AP Registration and Ordering to confirm accommodations for students with disabilities. Go to Confirming Accommodations for Digital AP Exams to learn how to review the accommodations the student will receive on their digital exam and see if further actions are needed. Accommodations can be confirmed after the exam order is submitted.