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AP Seminar

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Assessment Overview

The AP Seminar assessment consists of three parts: two performance tasks and the end-of-course AP Exam. All parts measure student achievement of the course learning objectives.

Encourage your students to visit the AP Seminar student page for assessment information.

Participate in the AP Capstone Diploma Program

Schools may choose to offer AP Seminar as a standalone course. To offer AP Seminar or participate in the AP Capstone Diploma™ program, schools need to fill out a required online form, and teachers need to attend mandatory summer training. Visit the AP Capstone Diploma program page for more information.

Assessment Dates

Tue, Apr 30, 2024

11:59 PM ET

Deadline to Submit AP Seminar Performance Tasks

Tue, May 7, 2024

12 PM Local

AP Seminar End-of-Course Exam

Updates to AP Seminar Performance Tasks

Given the implications of ChatGPT and other similar generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools on the AP Seminar performance task components, we will announce updated guidance regarding the use of these tools and any adjustments to the tasks by early fall. 

Assessment Format

Performance Task 1: Team Project and Presentation—20% of AP Seminar Score


Scoring Method


Individual research report (1,200 words)

College Board scored

50% of 20%

Team multimedia presentation and defense (8–10 minutes, plus defense questions)

Teacher scored (group score)

50% of 20%

Performance Task 2: Individual Research-Based Essay and Presentation—35% of AP Seminar Score


Scoring Method


Individual written argument (2,000 words)

College Board scored

70% of 35%

Individual multimedia presentation (6–8 minutes)

Teacher scored

20% of 35%

Oral defense (2 questions from the teacher)

Teacher scored

10% of 35%

End-of-Course Exam (2 Hours)—45% of AP Seminar Score


Scoring Method


Understanding and analyzing an argument (3 short-answer questions); suggested time: 30 minutes

College Board scored

30% of 45%

Evidence-Based argument essay (1 long essay); suggested time: 90 minutes

College Board scored

70% of 45%

Guidance for Hosting Student Presentations

See the rules and guidelines for hosting your students’ presentations whether your school is teaching remotely, in person, or in a hybrid setting.

Past Sample Responses and Scoring Guidelines


AP Seminar Past Exam Questions and Tasks

View sample responses and scoring guidelines for the through-course performance tasks and free-response questions from past exams.

Score Reporting