Do I need specific experience to teach AP Computer Science Principles?

It helps to have a fundamental understanding of computer science to teach this course. However, due to the broad and multidisciplinary nature of the course, teachers do not need to have prior computer science experience.

Teachers of all backgrounds can prepare to teach AP CSP by participating in professional learning specific to AP Computer Science Principles.

  • From College Board: Attend AP Summer Institutes and one-day workshops and view free teaching and assessing modules.
  • From educational organizations endorsed by College Board: Explore AP CSP curricula–including preapproved syllabi, lesson plans, and other instructional supports–delivered by College Board-endorsed providers. AP CSP teachers who participate in professional learning offered by an endorsed provider are not required to attend a College Board AP Summer Institute for AP CSP.

Note that states determine their own requirements for teacher certification and endorsement. Teachers need to check out their state-specific computer science teacher certification requirements.

Beyond professional learning opportunities, teachers can explore essential course resources endorsed by College Board, including lesson plans, scoring guidelines, and notes. Additional classroom resources, some of which may not be endorsed by College Board, appear on the AP CSP Classroom Resources page. These include curriculum samples, programming tools, free online courses, and more.

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