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AP Classroom is a free and flexible online platform that provides instructional resources for each AP course to support student learning of all course content and skills. AP Classroom resources, including AP Daily videos, help your students learn and practice all year. 

Higher Education Faculty Lectures

Supplement your instruction with videos hosted by college and university professors. Watch the videos in AP Classroom, via the Overview page in the Course Guide section, or on the Advanced Placement YouTube channel for this course.  

Additional Resources for AP Comparative Government and Politics

Lesson Developed with the National Constitution Center

Civil Liberties and Rights Worldwide:

This lesson allows students to compare civil rights and liberties as written in foundational documents throughout the world by using Rights Around the World, the National Constitution Center’s interactive website. Students compare how the United States and other countries legally or constitutionally define several rights and liberties, and then rank countries based on the extent to which the government recognizes particular citizen rights and liberties. A discussion on how well such rights are actually protected provides an interesting lesson summary and foundation for further research. Leader's Notes (.pdf/760KB) and Student Handbook (.pdf/403KB) are available for your use.

From Your AP Colleagues



Comparative Politics Made Simple

A definition of, and discussion about, comparative politics and its importance.

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Illiberal Democracy and Vladimir Putin's Russia

A brief overview of the political system in Russia.

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