AP Chemistry Updates for 2024-25

Learn more about AP Chemistry course updates for the 2024-25 school year.

See the Updated Course Framework

To give teachers more clarity about course content and help students engage with the concepts, we’ve made minor updates to the AP Chemistry course framework.

These updates take effect with the 2024-25 school year. The scope of the course is not changing.

What’s Changing 

We made minor updates to the AP Chemistry framework in the updated course and exam description (CED), including:  

  • Retitling 4 units and 6 topics to more accurately describe the content, based on feedback we’ve received from AP Chemistry teachers.  
  • Resequencing Topics 7.13 (pH and Solubility) and 7.14 (Free Energy of Dissolution) to help students better engage with the concepts. 
  • Updating the equation sheet to better organize the information and for consistency with other AP science courses.  
  • Removing big ideas and enduring understandings from the framework. 
  • Updating learning objectives (LOs), essential knowledge (EK) statements, and skills to align with the resequenced topics and for greater transparency. 

What’s Not Changing 

  • The scope of the AP Chemistry course is not changing. 
  • The sections, numbers and types of questions, timing, and percentages of units and skills assessed on the AP Chemistry Exam remain the same.

Learn More About the Updates  

AP Classroom Updates 

To support teacher planning and student learning, we’ll update the following free AP Chemistry resources in AP Classroom starting in July: 

  • AP Daily topic videos, including a new video for Topic 9.6 
  • Question bank items, recoded to match the updated framework coding 
  • Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in the question bank with 4 answer choices instead of 5, reflecting the current exam 
  • Practice exams  

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Will AP Chemistry teachers need to resubmit in the AP Course Audit?

No. Since the framework updates are minor and the scope of the course has not changed, AP Chemistry teachers are not required to resubmit in the AP Course Audit. 

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Why did you make these updates?

We updated the course framework to provide a more complete and accurate description of the essential knowledge students must demonstrate on the AP Chemistry Exam and to address concerns around the topic sequencing and unit structure within the course. 

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Who was involved in updating the course?

As with all AP courses, a development committee including experienced educators and college faculty made the AP Chemistry updates. The AP Chemistry Development Committee also worked with high school teachers and higher education faculty reviewers and consultants.

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Will there be AP Classroom resources for the updated course?

Yes. We’re making the following updates in AP Classroom: 

  • Adding a new AP Daily topic video for Topic 9.6: Free Energy of Dissolution.  
  • Recoding question bank items to match the updated framework coding.  
  • Revising multiple choice questions (MCQs) to include 4 answer choices instead of 5, reflecting the current exam.  
  • Retiring 25 duplicate MCQs from the question bank. 

We’ll add these updated resources to AP Classroom starting in July. 

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What will happen to the questions and quizzes that teachers created in AP Classroom?

Questions and quizzes authored by teachers will stay in AP Classroom. We’ll email AP Chemistry teachers in the coming months with more information about how to retag their questions and quizzes to the new framework.

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Will the practice exams be aligned to the updated framework?

We will release updated practice exams on a rolling basis this summer, fall, and spring.

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What professional development opportunities will you offer to support AP Chemistry teachers?

In addition to watching the course update video walkthrough, AP Chemistry teachers can attend AP Summer Institutes to explore updated course resources with fellow educators.

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Will the textbooks teachers currently use work with the updated course?

Yes. Textbooks published within the last 10 years adequately address the material needed for the updated course, as the course scope has not changed.

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