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In an AP Art and Design course, students develop the skills that artists and designers use, and create a portfolio of work that is assessed to produce their AP score.

The AP Art and Design program includes three different courses and portfolio exams. Visit the course pages for detailed information:

New in 2020-21

There will be no physical portfolios in the 2020-21 school year. This year, students will submit their portfolios entirely online through the AP Art and Design digital submission web application.

We’re also no longer printing physical copies of the AP Art and Design Portfolio Requirements brochure, which we used to mail to schools each year. Instead, information about the AP Art and Design portfolio requirements is on our student site.

Digital Submission

AP Art and Design students upload images of their work to the AP Art and Design digital submission web application over the course of the year, creating a digital portfolio. AP Art and Design teachers will play an important part in helping students access and use this web application and submit their finalized portfolio digitally.

The web application will be available beginning in November 2020. AP Art and Design teachers and AP coordinators will be notified when the application is open.

Teacher Timeline

Get a detailed overview of your year by visiting the full AP Art and Design teacher timeline.


    Beginning of School Year

    Give your students the join code for your class sections so they can enroll in your class in AP Classroom.


    Explain Digital Submission

    As students begin creating artworks for their portfolio, make sure they know about the digital submission process.


    Get Access Information

    You’ll get access information for the AP Art and Design digital submission web application from your AP coordinator.

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