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Important Updates

Reminder: Physical work for AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing must be mailed to the AP Program. Students will also submit their work online for all portfolios (2-D, 3-D, and Drawing).

2021 AP Art and Design Exhibit
The 2021 AP Art and Design Exhibit showcases the outstanding artwork created by students for the May 2021 exam.

Webinar for the 2021 AP Art and Design Exhibit
Rebecca Stone-Danahy, director of AP Art and Design, will showcase how to use this exhibit in your classroom. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to navigate the digital exhibit, review the featured content focusing on student inquiry, teacher and school administrator statements, and explore the relationship to the course and exam description.

AP Daily Videos and AP Classroom
Teachers and students can access short, on-demand AP Daily video lessons in AP Classroom. These videos will cover every skill outlined in the CED, which you’ll see on your AP Classroom Course Resources page. Videos can be assigned as homework to encourage students to watch on their own, so you can use class time to focus discussions where students need more help, whether teaching online, in person, or both.

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Portfolio Overview

In May, students submit their 2-D portfolios. For more in-depth information on course content and skills, download the AP Art and Design Course and Exam Description (CED). 

Encourage your students to visit the AP 2-D Art and Design student page for portfolio information and portfolio samples.


Portfolio Deadline

  • Event
    • FRI, MAY 6, 2022, 8 PM EDT

    AP 2-D Art and Design Deadline for AP Coordinators to Submit Portfolios


Portfolio Format

The AP Art and Design portfolios each consist of two sections: Sustained Investigation and Selected Works.

Sustained Investigation—Section 1
15 digital images; some may be details or process images | 60% of portfolio score
Students will submit images and writing to document their inquiry-guided investigation through practice, experimentation, and revision:

  • 15 digital images that include works of art and design and process documentation.
  • Typed responses to prompts, providing information about the questions that guided their investigation and how they practiced, experimented, and revised, guided by their questions.

Selected Works—Section 2
5 works | 40% of portfolio score
Students must work with their teacher or AP coordinator to assemble their physical works to be mailed to the AP Program. Students will also submit digital images of their work and commentary online to demonstrate skillful synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas:

  • 5 works with commentary identifying the materials, processes, and ideas used.
  • Works may come from the Sustained Investigation section, but they do not have to.


AP 2-D Art and Design Portfolio Samples and Scoring Information

Portfolio Samples and Scoring Commentaries from the 2021 AP Exam Administration

The table below contains student samples selected from portfolios submitted for the 2021 exam. Each sample includes scoring commentary that explains the rubric application and scoring logic. The complete portfolio is also available for your review.