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Guidance for Artificial Intelligence Tools and Other Services

Teachers should remind students to review the Artificial Intelligence policy before submitting portfolio components as final to the AP Program for scoring. The use of Artificial Intelligence tools is prohibited at any stage of the creative process.


Students develop the skills that artists and designers use, and create a portfolio of work that is assessed to produce their AP score.

Illustrated Emblem for 2D Art and Design

AP 2-D Art and Design

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Illustrated Emblem for AP 3D Art and Design

AP 3-D Art and Design

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Portfolio Policies and Submission Process

Students upload images of their work over the course of the year, creating a digital portfolio.

Portfolio Policies

Read the Art and Design portfolio policies on the AP Students site.

AP Art and Design Portfolio Policies

Portfolio Submission Process

Review the submission requirements and digital submission process.

Read the Portfolio Submission Overview

Teacher Timeline

Get a detailed overview of your year by visiting the full AP Art and Design teacher timeline.

2023 Art and Design Exhibit

The 2023 AP Art and Design Exhibit showcases the outstanding artwork created by students for the May 2023 exam.



AP Arts Webinars

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