AP Capstone

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Ordering Exams

  • In addition to ordering AP Seminar and Research exams, all schools must also order preadministration materials. This is to ensure that students have sufficient time to enter the AP number found in their Student Packs (received in the preadministration materials shipment) into their digital portfolio account before the submission deadline for their performance tasks.
  • It is suggested that AP coordinators place orders on the AP Exam Ordering website by March 8, the first preadministration deadline. It is recommended that schools outside the U.S., U.S. territories, and Canada place their exam orders online by the March 24 priority deadline.
  • AP Seminar End-of-Course Exams can be ordered for regular testing or late testing. AP Research Exams can only be ordered for regular testing.
  • AP Research does not have an end-of-course exam, but an exam must be ordered for each student enrolled in the course so their performance task can be scored by the College Board. You will receive answer sheets to be completed by your school’s AP Research students.

Online Submission

Students taking AP Seminar and AP Research will use the AP Digital Portfolio to submit final individual and team performance tasks for scoring. In the spring, the AP coordinator will use the portfolio to validate that uploaded student work is ready to be submitted to the College Board for scoring by the April 30 submission deadline.

  • Additional instructions about using the AP Digital Portfolio are available within the Help section of the AP Digital Portfolio application.

AP Capstone Timeline for AP Coordinators

March 2017

  • Work with your school’s AP Seminar and AP Research teacher(s) to make sure the correct number of exams and preadministration materials are ordered by the March 29 final preadministration ordering deadline.

April 2017

  • We suggest that you designate a time for students to add their AP numbers to their portfolio accounts. Work cannot be submitted to the College Board until the portfolio account includes an AP number.

April 30, 2017

  • All teacher-assessed performance tasks must be scored by this date. All performance tasks that have been submitted as final by a student, and any teacher scores associated with those performance tasks, will automatically be sent to the College Board on April 30, as long as an AP number is associated with that student’s portfolio account.

May 4, 2017 (at noon)