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Register Your School

  • Any school anywhere in the world that wishes to administer AP Exams must follow standard procedures. Start by completing a few simple steps to get approved.
  • Visit the AP coordinators section for information on deadlines, security policies, and procedures for ordering, administering, and paying for exams.
  • Keep your school's AP contacts current. For security purposes, AP can only discuss your school's AP program administration with the AP contacts indicated on your school's AP Participation Form. AP coordinators need to complete the AP Participation Form online at the start of the school year. If the designated AP coordinator or alternate AP coordinator changes at your school, update the contact information through AP Registration and Ordering as soon as possible.

Administer the AP Exam

Testing in China

Information for Schools in China

Not every school in China is permitted to administer AP Exams, even if authorized to offer AP courses:

  • Schools authorized by the AP Program to administer AP Exams should follow standard procedures for exam administration. These schools may choose to administer AP Exams to their own students as well as to external students. Students attending these schools should get information about AP Exams from their school's AP coordinator.
  • Schools governed by the Chinese Ministry of Education that serve Chinese nationals must instruct their students to take AP Exams at designated test centers. AP will provide testing information to these schools separately. Students attending these schools should get information from the school's AP coordinator about how to register to take AP Exams at their designated AP test center.

Information for Students in China

  • Chinese nationals: students who are self-studying for AP and/or attending Chinese schools that don't offer AP can register directly with an AP test center in China only during the open registration period each year (subject to change—check with each test center).
  • Foreign nationals studying in China: international students in China can find a testing location by contacting AP Services for Students. These students will be referred to an AP school that administers AP Exams and may accept external students.

Testing at Alternate Schools or Open Test Centers

Students from schools that do not offer AP Exams or self-study/homeschooled students can find an alternate school for testing or take the exams at any open AP test center.

Find test centers authorized by the AP Program in these places:

Fees, subjects offered, registration deadlines, and additional testing policies vary at these authorized test centers.

If you're sending students to test at another school or an AP test center, your school will only receive a student's scores if:

  • Your school is indicated in the student's registration in My AP as the school they attend.
  • In the case of a student taking an individual course at your school, they must be enrolled in the corresponding class section through My AP for your school to receive the student's score for the AP Exam for that subject.

AP Services for Educators

Schools considering adding AP should contact us.

For questions about exam orders, shipments, scores, billing, or updating an AP coordinator or school address/profile:
+1 877-274-6474 (toll free in Canada and the U.S.)
+1 212-632-1781


Live Chat: A blue Live Chat button will appear on the right side of an AP Central page when a direct connection to an AP Services for Educators representative is available during business hours.