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The College Board has a range of materials to help you communicate the components of your AP program. Use them to build awareness of AP, announce new courses, and introduce students and parents to the program. Get inspired.

AP Program Overview – Outreach

School Leader Materials

AP Online Scores for Students Toolkit

These tips and resources will help you prepare your students to get their AP Exam scores online in July:

Social Media Outreach: Here are some sample messages you can use and customize to let students know about AP Online Scores.

  1. AP scores go online in July! Be sure you have a College Board account so you can access them.
  2. Make sure you can access your AP Exam scores in July! Sign up for a College Board account today.
  3. Remind your friends and classmates to sign up for College Board accounts so you can access AP scores in July!
  4. Follow @APforStudents on Twitter for the latest news on AP courses, study tips, resources and more.

AP Computer Science Principles Launch Materials

The newest AP course, AP Computer Science Principles, launched in fall 2016. These resources will help you communicate the value of this course to fellow educators, students, and parents:

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