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Discover new ways to strengthen your AP program using successful strategies from other schools and districts.

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Maximizing AP Potential

AP Potential™ is a free, online tool that helps schools identify students who are ready for specific AP courses based on their SAT and PSAT-related test performance. Learn how to use it to help more students access AP. 

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AP Course Connections

Encourage students to take more than one AP course by offering the next course in a sequence or a paired companion course. 

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Impactful AP Policies

Support your AP teachers, coordinators, and students by creating AP policies that promote engagement. Explore these examples from schools and districts.

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Supplemental Student Support

Providing additional support to AP students beyond the classroom can be key to helping them build confidence so that they can be successful in AP courses. 

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AP Information Night

Schools do an incredible job of engaging students and their families all year round. Consider infusing these strategies into your community outreach efforts. 

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Explore all four Spotlight on Success editions, and download toolkits to help you expand access to your AP program.

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