AP Information Night

Schools do an incredible job of engaging students and their families all year round. Consider using these strategies in your community outreach efforts.

Future Freshman Night

Provide eighth graders and their families with information they need to know before entering high school and how they can benefit from AP.  

WHY: To encourage students to keep working hard through the end of middle school, setting their sights on a bright future. 


  • Invite the community to gather for a rally to welcome incoming students, get them excited about the next phase of their education, and encourage them to finish middle school strong. 

  • Let students and their parents walk around the school, meet teachers, and learn about the school’s academic and athletic programs, including AP. They learn about which courses the school offers and what grade students typically take them in.  

CREATED BY: Washington High School (Phoenix, Ariz.) 


“The mission each year is to keep the students’ excitement up around being in school, going to school, and staying in school. Continuous learning is embedded in our school’s system.” — Carol G. Lippert, Principal      

Access to AP in Any Language

Host bilingual parent events: either a series of parent information nights or a single conference, all focused on providing college readiness information in the languages most spoken in your community.  

WHY: To ensure the entire school community is well informed on the benefits of AP and to help families that do not speak English build an appreciation for college and advanced coursework. 


  • Host a panel of students and teachers who have taken and teach AP to discuss their course experience and what it takes to be successful in AP.  

  • Provide workshops, broken out by spoken language, that cover topics like applying and paying for college and the benefits of taking AP courses.  

  • Distribute information about which courses your school offers and how to enroll.  

CREATED BY: Boston Public Schools (Boston, Mass.) 

AP Expo

Merge the concept of "parent-teacher conferences" with an informational night to help families learn about the expectations of AP courses.  

WHY: To ensure all their students are fully informed before enrolling in an AP course because they also require all students to commit to taking the AP Exam.  


  • Give a basic overview of the AP program, the courses that are offered at the school, and the overarching benefits to all students and parents attending.  

  • Organize breakouts where parents and students then meet individually with AP teachers to learn more about specific courses and understand the expectations of students in their AP classes.  

  • Allow parents and students to make follow-up appointments with individual teachers as needed. 

CREATED BY: Morgan Park High School (Chicago, Ill.) 


"We work hard to make sure the students are fully informed about what the workload and expectations of them in AP classes will be before they make the commitment.” — Jerry Moore, AP Coordinator 

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