Build Your AP Program

If you're thinking about starting, growing, or making adjustments to your AP program, you've come to the right place.

Where to Start

Half of students entering four-year colleges are now beginning college with some credit from AP. Ensure your students are set up for success.

Consider the following:

  • Which AP courses can we offer to students who may not traditionally take advanced coursework? 
  • Can we encourage more students to take the AP courses our school currently offers?
  • Have we reviewed our school’s AP Potential* report to determine how we can expand AP access to students who show potential to succeed?
  • How do we gauge student interest in AP courses our school doesn’t yet offer?


*AP Potential Reports are available to schools that participate in the SAT suite of assessments, including the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9.

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Early Access to AP

Support your college readiness goals by offering AP courses earlier, and prepare your students for success in those courses by providing Pre-AP courses.

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AP Course Pairings

Does your school offer the next course in a sequence of courses or the full pair of companion courses? Whether you’re thinking about teaching or learning, these courses go well together.

Project Based AP Courses

Project based learning can help develop the inquiry skills to take on real-world challenges and prepare your students for the future.

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Career Connections to AP

Show your students how to connect AP courses to college majors and how AP can support their career exploration and readiness.

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Most Popular Courses

Knowing which AP courses are most popular, overall and by grade, is a good place to start building your AP program.

Discover Popular Courses

STEM Learning

If you're looking to enhance STEM learning at your school, adding AP courses from this list of STEM offerings can help.

Explore AP Courses Aligned with STEM

Student Recruitment Hub

Access a library of resources to help you increase student interest in AP and specific courses.

Find Student Recruitment Resources