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Get Ready for the Future of AP

We’re making some improvements to the way AP works, including giving students and teachers new resources to support them all year.

What’s happening

Beginning August 1, 2019, AP teachers and students will have access to a robust set of new classroom resources. At the same time, some of the processes around AP Exam registration and ordering will change.

All schools offering AP will implement these changes in the 2019-20 school year. We’ll help you with information, support, and guidance to make sure the transition is smooth.

What you need to know

  • Starting August 1, 2019, AP teachers and students will complete a short digital activation process at the start of the year.
  • Once they’ve signed up, teachers and students will get immediate access to the new classroom resources, including an online question bank, unit guides, personal progress checks, and a performance dashboard.
  • Coordinators will order exams by new fall deadlines in October and November.

What's Changing?

Focused Practice and Feedback Throughout the Year
The classroom resources below will be available for all relevant AP subjects.

Improved Exam Ordering and Administration

Snapshot: New Processes

Here are the key steps your teachers, coordinators, and students will take after the system opens on August 1, 2019.

Processes at a Glance

See a detailed timeline

What’s Not Changing

Aside from new ordering-related processes, dates, policies, and fees, most aspects of your AP program will not change.

  • Exams are administered in the first two full weeks in May.
  • The base exam fee and exam fee reduction are unchanged.
  • The postmark deadline for exam payments remains June 15. 
  • Scores will be reported on the usual timelines.

Why We’re Making Changes

We designed these resources and processes in collaboration with AP teachers and coordinators across the country to provide support throughout the year and give students the best opportunity to succeed on AP Exams.

Get the details on why exam registration is moving to the fall—and see how the results from our large-scale pilot support this change.


How to Get Ready

See additional information and a timeline for AP teachers.
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See additional information and a timeline for AP coordinators.
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See additional information and a timeline for principals.
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The resources sound fantastic. I really like the idea of being able to make up our own tests from a test bank ... And we use the previous exam questions all the time, which are really helpful.

—Scott, AP U.S. Government and Politics Teacher



Here’s an overview of what will happen when.

  • Fall:

    • Principals and AP coordinators meet with AP teachers and counselors to discuss the changes coming to AP.


    • Resources and guidance to help educators get ready for fall 2019 become available.

    Before the 2019-20 class registration period:

    • Principals and AP coordinators communicate new AP Exam ordering deadlines, policies, and fees to students and parents for 2019-20.


    • Teachers submit AP Course Audit forms for new 2019-20 AP courses, which are approved by the school’s AP Course Audit administrator.
  • Beginning August 1:

    • Principals receive the access code for the system and provide it to the AP coordinator.
    • The system opens.
    • AP coordinators access the system and complete the online AP participation form.

    Before school starts:

    • The AP coordinator or AP teachers set up class sections in the system.
  • Fall:

    • First weeks of class:
      • AP coordinator or AP teachers set up AP class sections in the system.
      • Students log in to the system with their College Board account. They join the class using the join code supplied by the teacher or AP coordinator.
      • Teachers and students begin using the new resources.
      • AP coordinator confirms all students are in the system.
    • By October 4:
      • Preferred deadline to order AP Exams (recommended).
    • By November 15, 11:59 p.m. ET :
      • Final deadline for the AP coordinator to submit the exam order. No payment is due until June. Exams ordered or canceled after this date may incur a fee.


    • By March 13, 11:59 p.m. ET:
      • Spring course orders and fall order changes deadline for Coordinators to make final updates to the school’s order, if needed. Fees may apply.
    • April:
      • Schools receive personalized student registration (AP ID) labels and AP Exams.
    • May:
      • Schools administer AP Exams.
    • By June 15:
      • Schools return invoice with payment.

For a timeline showing tasks specific to your role, visit the relevant page:

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Frequently Asked Questions

See answers to frequently asked questions about the new resources and supports.

This page is updated often with new questions and answers, so be sure to keep checking it.

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