District Leaders: Support Your AP Teachers

Here’s information to share with AP teachers about AP Program resources, professional learning, course-specific updates, and more.

AP Instructional Resources

Help teachers use the AP Program’s free, flexible, and aligned resources for any learning environment—online, face-to-face, or blended—all available on AP Classroom.

  • AP Daily Videos: A learning tool that provides short, course-specific videos to build students’ knowledge and skills across units.
  • Course and Exam Descriptions (CEDs) and Unit Guides: Go-to resources that provide guidance on course planning, pacing, and sequencing.  
  • Topic Questions and Progress Checks: Formative assessments to help track student progress throughout the year.  
  • Question Bank: A searchable database of real AP questions indexed by course content and skills, including secure practice exams.  

Learn More About AP Classroom

Teacher access to AP Classroom: Remind teachers they must complete the AP Course Audit process by January 31 to get and retain access to AP Classroom.

Staying connected for teachers: Encourage teachers to stay aware of AP course updates by visiting their course homepages and joining their AP Teacher Community.

Teacher Professional Learning Opportunities

Professional learning opportunities are available for teachers year-round and in a variety of formats. Share these learning opportunities with your teachers and school communities.

  • Professional Learning Page: Here you'll find a menu of options for AP teachers to deepen instruction. Learning opportunities include supports for using AP Classroom and AP Daily, free webinars and online events, a new AP teacher checklist, registration for workshops, a link to the AP Teacher Communities, and more.
  • AP Classroom Teacher Quick Start Videos: These open-access tutorials are self-paced modules available via the platform’s Help Menu, designed to assist teachers with navigating AP Classroom, including how to assign topic questions and search the question bank. 
  • Course and Exam Descriptions (CED) Walk-Throughs: These interactive walk-throughs orient teachers to the features of their CEDs, located on “The Course” tab for each course.  Access an example from AP Biology