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In May 2022, a limited number of schools will administer in-school digital AP Exams in AP English Literature and Composition and AP World History: Modern. The period for schools to apply to participate was open from October through December 2021 and is now closed.

Selected schools will help inform the development of an in-school version of digital exams that improves on the at-home version used for contingency testing last year. For example, the digital testing application will be adapted to support a proctored exam experience and will allow students to go back to previous questions within a section.


  1. 2021


    Schools apply and are notified

  2. 2021


    Schools order exams

  3. 2021


    Optional informational webinars

  4. 2022


    Additional details shared on in-school, digital exams

  5. 2022


    Schools mark ordered exams as “digital” or “paper and pencil”

  6. 2022


    Required informational webinars

  7. 2022


    Exams administered according to the schedule posted on AP Central

Fall Ordering for Participating Schools

  • Schools order digital exams through AP Registration and Ordering, following the same deadlines as paper and pencil exams. Schools will be able to specify the exam mode (digital vs. paper) beginning in early 2022 and will be able to adjust as needed through March 15, 2022.
  • Schools selected to participate may order a combination of digital and paper and pencil exams in AP English Literature and Composition and AP World History: Modern.
  • Schools not approved for in-school digital testing in these two subjects should plan for in-school paper and pencil exams in May 2022, according to the schedule posted on AP Central. (Note: As usual, AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams will continue to be administered in schools on computers.)

About the In-School Digital Exams

  • Digital exams must be administered in school.
  • Digital exams will be full-length, including both multiple-choice and free-response sections.
    • Students will be able to go back and forth between questions within a section.
  • Digital exams must be administered on the same date and time as the corresponding paper and pencil exams in the standard administration.
  • Digital exams will require proctors, as with all in-school AP Exams.
  • Digital exams will support students testing with accommodations.
  • Scores will be reported at the same time as corresponding paper and pencil exams, and Instructional Planning Reports (IPRs) will be available, if applicable.

Supported Testing Devices

  • Supported testing devices include Windows and Mac laptops, school-managed Chromebooks, and iPads with physical keyboards.
  • Devices can be either assigned to individual students (1-to-1) or shared via laptop cart or computer lab. Students may use personal devices, if supported by the school’s device policies.
  • Schools or districts that manage device software installation will need to push the digital testing app, or otherwise make it available for student use.
  • Students can also directly download and install the digital testing app, if permitted.
  • Internet access is required to test; however, digital exams can tolerate some disruptions to connectivity.

Requirements for Participating Schools

To participate in this year’s in-school digital AP Exams, a school must:

  • Submit an interest form and be selected to participate.
  • Commit to administering digital exams in at least one of the subjects.
  • Confirm the school’s AP teachers of the subjects support the digital administration.
  • Confirm that the AP coordinator supports the digital administration.
  • Complete surveys as necessary through the year to support planning, technical readiness, and feedback.
  • Attend required trainings and webinars, and participate in an online community.
  • Assign proctors who will participate in training for administering digital AP Exams in school.
  • Ensure supported testing devices are available for students to take in-school digital AP Exams.
  • Follow all test administration procedures for both paper and pencil exams and digital exams.