Number Systems and Boolean Algebra

Introduction to the Number Base Unit

by John Owen
Rockport-Fulton High School
Rockport, Texas

This unit of study is designed to introduce the novice computer science student to the concept of number bases in general and to the computer number bases (2, 8, and 16) in particular.

Boolean Algebra Applications and Projects

by Brother Neal Golden
Brother Martin High School
New Orleans, Louisiana

Here are two documents to help your students better understand Boolean Algebra.

  • Sample problems (.pdf/91kb) from a lesson that culminates a chapter on Boolean Algebra in circuit design. The lesson develops three examples from all phases of the design project, from creating the truth table to drawing the minimal circuit. The lesson also contains exercises for student assignments.

  • A list of projects (.pdf/188kb) that I assign individually to students to complete the Boolean Algebra chapter. Following the list are templates for truth tables and maps for 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-variables.

This chapter supplements software programming development quite well. Students who go on to engineering courses are particularly helped by it. However, every student profits from the thinking process and from understanding how the electronic devices that both rule and clutter our world were designed.