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Here's a more detailed view of the Sustained Investigation Images tab:

  • Click Upload File to upload an image to an empty space in the template.
  • Enter the materials and processes below the thumbnail.
  • Click the thumbnail for a full-sized view of the image.
  • To replace an image of work, click Upload File and select the new image file for the work. To remove a work entirely from your Sustained Investigation section, including the materials and processes below the thumbnail, click the red minus sign above it.
  • To rearrange your images, change the number in the top left corner of any image that you want to move to a new position in the template. (The number you enter represents where you want the image to be relocated within the template.) You’ll also need to adjust the rest of the numbers to complete the sequence.

Reminder: Click Save Changes to save your work before moving to another section of your portfolio or exiting the application.