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Score Rationale

  • In most works, there is an excellent engagement with 3-D space. The works demonstrate repetition of form effectively while maintaining variety.
  • Multiple photographs and digital rendering are combined in the two allowed images (1a and 1b) for the first work in the Selected Works section. The documentation of the cat habitat in its various stages of planning, building design, and presentation clearly exhibits excellent,well-informed decision making and intention. The images of the built structure without the canvas reveal the collapsible nature of the work. These work with the images of the finished product to show its final function and appearance, revealing its imaginative and inventive nature.
  • The technical competence of the work is excellent. A very broad range of materials and media are used effectively to express a variety of ideas. Wood,cardboard,fabric, brass, aluminum, and digital processes are all chosen carefully and used with skill to address a spectrum of design problems.
  • When digital processes are used to create virtual work, the documentation of the digital processes demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of 3-D design issues. For example, images 2a, 2b and 3a, 3b use 3-D modeling, photo- manipulation, and layout programs to communicate the design of 3-D space. Both process images and finished renderings clearly illustrate the informed visualization of activated space.
  • Photographic sources clearly provide a visual reference that is transformed in the service of a larger,personal vision. In images 4a, 4b and 5a, 5b,photographs of interior architectural structures are included as evidence of the inspiration behind the imaginative jewelry design and construction.