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Possible Reasons Why Report Data is Unavailable for your School/District

  1. Your school did not administer any AP Exams during the selected administration year.
  2. Your school did not return your exams or returned the exams late, causing delays in scoring.
  3. Report data may be unavailable for certain exams because an irregularity or incident during the exam administration caused scores to be delayed or un-reportable. Examples of possible irregularities include:
    • Illness
    • Misconduct
    • Overtiming or undertiming
    • An interruption, or disturbance
    • Equipment problems
    • Defective or missing materials

Please reach out to your AP coordinator to discuss any irregularities that may have occurred during the exam. If you have not yet received scores by September 1, you may have your AP coordinator or principal reach out to AP Services for Educators.

No Data Available After Applying Report Filters - In some situations, there is no data available for your chosen filters. For example, if you choose to view all 10th grade students who scored a 4, but none of your students received that score, you will see a message directing you to select different criteria.

Possible Reasons Why Instructional Planning Report Data is Unavailable

You will be unable to view an Instructional Planning report for unreleased exams. This typically includes exams administered during a late testing period. If the Subject Score roster does show scores, but there is no data in the Instructional Planning Report, this indicates that students took a form of the exam that is unreleased.

Missing and Delayed Scores - Reasons Why a Student or Score May Not Appear on your Reports

Some scores may take longer to process due to special circumstances. Report data is updated regularly for the most recent administration. Your report will reflect the most recent data that your organization’s data was updated. Prior year administration data is locked / not refreshed.

Before submitting a request to add a missing student, please check if the following situations are applicable:

  1. Students’ name is misspelled/incorrect – Check to see if the student is listed under a nickname, misspelled their name, or reversed their last and first names. If their name is incorrect, please have the student reach out to AP Services for Students to have this corrected.
  2. Student is in incorrect section – A student is not showing up their expected section for a specific subject. Check the other sections, particularly the “Section Not Designated” section, which includes students who did not provide a section number on their registration. If the student is in the incorrect section, you may submit a request to correct this via the “Update Section” request form.
  3. Students’ score is delayed – Some scores may take longer to process due to special circumstances such as irregularities or incidents occurring on exam day. Data is updated on a regular basis for the most recent exam administration, so your reports will always reflect the information as of when your organization’s data was last updated. It may be the case that a student is not missing from your organizations’ reports but rather that their score has been delayed.
    • If a student took multiple exams in the same year and some but not all scores are displaying in your Subject Score Rosters, then possibly the missing scores are delayed.
    • If a student took multiple exams in the same year and all scores are missing in your Subject Score Rosters, then the student may be missing because they provided the incorrect attending school on their registration.
    • After July 22, 2019, you can check if the student appears on a student score report or in the student datafile. If the student does appear in your student datafile and student score report then details about their exam records will be visible, including any event codes indicating a delay.
    • Also, check with your AP coordinator to see if any irregularities or incidents may have occurred during the exam. If you have not received scores by September 1, reach out to AP Services for Educators.
  4. Student put incorrect attending school on their registration - You may have your AP coordinator or principal submit a request to “Add a Student” via the Administrator Tools available in the website to correct this issue.

Equity and Excellence Enrollment Data Incorrect or Missing

The Equity and Excellence report displays the percentages of the school’s entire 10th, 11th and 12th grade classes who scored a 3 or higher on at least one AP Exam and the percentage of the school’s senior class that scored a 3 or higher on at least one AP Exam during high school. This report is based on self-reported enrollment data from the school, provided during AP Exam ordering.

  • If a school did not provide this information, their report may show ‘n/a’ in the applicable fields.
  • Percentages may not be what is expected if the school provided the total number of AP students by grade rather than the total school enrollment by grade.

To correct either issue, the AP coordinator can log into the AP Ordering system to update this information up until October 31 after the administration. After signing in, click the "View Enrollment Data" option to make changes. It may take several days for your report to reflect the update. 2018-2019 enrollment data can be updated up until October 31, 2019.

Teachers Unable to See Reports for Course Authorized Subjects

Only teachers authorized through the AP Course Audit for the most current year for which AP score data has been released have access to their students’ exam scores online.

  • Teachers must have their course authorization renewed every year to continue to have access to current and previous years’ reports. For example, teachers authorized for the 2018-19 school year can view their 2019 administration reports now.
  • Check your course authorization status at AP Course Audit before February of every year. If your authorization is not up to date, contact your AP Course Audit administrator at your school.

If you’re course authorized and can sign into AP Score Reports for Educators but don’t see your selected subject in the subject/section selection dropdown menu after clicking that subject on the report dashboard, all of your students’ scores in that subject may be delayed. If you have not received scores by September 1, contact AP Services for Educators.