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The Subject Score roster and Organization Score roster provide school and district staff an overall view of all AP students who tested during a specific exam year and their AP scores.

Subject Score Roster

The subject score roster lists all students and their AP scores for each AP® subject. This report is available to teachers, school administrators, and district administrators. Use this roster to view individual student scores by subject or to see how your students performed relative to their peers.

Interpreting the Report

Subject Summary with State and Global Comparisons: This enhanced summary information includes key metrics such as the percentage of scores that are 3 or higher and state and global comparison data.

Score Distributions with Comparables and Section Breakdown: This part of the report displays your students’ performance and score distribution on the 1–5 score scale compared to their state and global peers.

Student Roster: This is the full list of your students and their scores. Use the sort, search, and pagination tools to find individual students.

Things to Consider

  • If you have multiple sections, select to view your report by individual section, by a subset of your sections, or across all your sections.
  • If viewing multiple sections in the same report, compare score distributions across sections.
  • Teachers should only select those sections that they taught.

Note: If your organization is outside of the United States, your comparison groups will be at the country and global levels, with the exception of Canada, where comparison groups will be at the province and global levels. If your organization is an Online Provider your report will not contain any state or global comparisons.

Organization Score Roster - Available July 22

School and district administrators can access this roster that shows all AP students who tested during a specific administration year and their scores. This report was formerly known as the School Score Roster and the District Score Roster.

Student Score Report – Available July 22

Individual, cumulative report for each AP student in a school, listing scores for each AP Exam taken by that student and any AP scholar award(s) they may have earned.

Scholar Roster – Available August 19

School and district administrators can access this roster that shows all AP students who earned an AP scholar award during a specific administration year.