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The Instructional Planning Report is a subject-specific report that compares the performance of your students against the global population of test takers, helping you target areas for increased attention and focus in the curriculum.

Interpreting the Report

Summary and Score Distributions

This part of the report displays your students’ performance and score distribution on the 1–5 score scale compared to their state and global peers.

Note: If your organization is outside of the United States, your comparison groups will be at the country and global levels, except for Canada, where comparison groups will be at the province and global levels. If your organization is an Online Provider your report will not contain any state or global comparisons.

Multiple-Choice Performance

In this part of the report, you can drill down into your students’ performance on the multiple-choice section of the exam. With this data, you can:

  • Highlight your strengths.
  • Find areas for high impact growth by looking at relative difference between your group and peer means.

Free-Response Performance

In this section, you’ll see the maximum possible raw (i.e. unweighted) score, your students’ group means, the state means, and the global means for each question.

Additional subject specific information is included in this section such as science practice mappings for individual questions on the science exams, and student essay choice selections for the history exams.

Courses with performance tasks or a portfolio component provide performance details across content areas, tasks, and end-of-course exams where applicable. This includes AP Seminar, AP Research, AP Computer Science Principles, and the three AP Art and Design courses.

Things to Consider

  • Small differences in the distribution of students should not be over-interpreted, especially when the number of students in your group is small.
  • If your students tested late, you will not be able to view a report for them.
  • If your students took different versions of the exam, your reports for the selected subject(s) will be divided across forms.
  • If your school used multiple class sections, you may view your report by an individual section, by a subset of your sections, or across all your sections. You should only select the sections that you taught.

Downloading Your Instructional Planning Report

Teachers, school, and district administrators can download their roster in PDF format:

  • As a teacher, school administrator or district administrator you will have the option of downloading your Instructional Planning Report by subject. For this Single PDF option, any sections you have selected, and filters you have applied will be reflected in your PDF.
  • As a district administrator you will also have the additional option of downloading the Aggregated for Districts version of this report by subject.
  • If your students took different versions of the exam, all forms will be included in your download, and your report data will be grouped by form.
  • Your download will open in a new tab and may take a few moments to load. Do not close the tab during this time.