How to Join the AP Workshop Consultant Community

Learn about the application process and requirements to become an AP workshop consultant.

Share Your Expertise

Applications are accepted July 1 – October 15.

When the application is open, you’ll need to provide:

  • Your résumé or CV.
  • A current AP Course Audit syllabus or equivalent syllabus for your college-level course.

  • A video (5–8 minutes in length) that shows you doing one of the following:
    • Leading a professional learning event with other teachers. (This could be an event within your local school or district.) OR
    • Leading an instructional activity from the course and exam description with your students. The activity should be based on a topic–skill pairing of your choosing that you believe is a particular challenge to students in this course.

A strong candidate’s application will demonstrate the following:

  • In-depth knowledge of the course and exam description (CED) and curricular requirements.
  • A description of a classroom activity that incorporates an instructional strategy or activity similar to one from the CED. The activity should promote student engagement and student understanding of the topic/skill and demonstrate mastery of the subject and nuance of teaching the topic/skill.
  • A wide breadth of instructional strategies, tools, activities, or resources that could be shared with workshop participants for immediate implementation in their classrooms.

A strong candidate’s video submission will demonstrate they are able to:

  • Establish a culture of high engagement among participants in the workshop.
  • Effectively communicate and facilitate learning objectives in a way that leads participants to master content.
  • Pace content appropriately such that an urgent but calm culture is established.
  • Provide workshop participants with engaging resources and activities to deepen their understanding of the content and structure of the course.

Prior to applying, review the AP Professional Learning Consultant Training and Endorsement Policy to ensure your understanding of the commitment of being an AP workshop consultant.

We’re not currently accepting applications for AP coordinator presenters, but you can submit the AP Coordinator Presenter Interest Form to be considered for future opportunities.