What steps need to be taken to prepare for a student who will be taking a digital exam over multiple days?

AP coordinators need to take these steps for any student taking a digital AP Exam who’s been approved by the College Board SSD office for accommodations that make them eligible for multiple-day testing. 

  1. Confirm with the SSD coordinator and the student that the student wants to take their digital exam over multiple days.  
  2. Indicate multiple-day testing for the student in AP Registration and Ordering. Do so no later than two calendar days before the scheduled digital exam date.  
  3. Before exam day (and after indicating multiple-day testing in AP Registration and Ordering), set up testing rooms for both days in Test Day Toolkit.  
  4. Move the student to their Day 1 and Day 2 rooms in Test Day Toolkit and assign the proctor to the Day 1 room.  
  5. After Day 1 testing is complete, assign the proctor to Day 2 (if using the same proctor for both days of testing). 

Follow the detailed directions about multiple-day testing in the Student Accommodations appendix in the AP Coordinator Exam Day Guide.