What preparation is needed for students who will be taking a digital AP Exam using assistive technology?

Some types of assistive technology may require specific configuration steps to be done before the student tests. Review configuration details for assistive technology used with the Bluebook™ testing app.

It’s important for students planning to test with assistive technology to try test previews in Bluebook so they can explore sample AP Exam questions with the assistive technology they’ll use on exam day. This will help them prepare and make sure their assistive technology works as expected with the digital exams. If settings need to be configured for the assistive technology a student plans to use, the student should complete any configuration steps before answering preview questions in Bluebook and again before exam day. 

If any settings need to be adjusted on exam day, configuration steps should be completed before beginning the check-in process in Bluebook. Assistive technology needs to be open and properly configured on exam day so a student can complete the check-in process before the exam begins. Once a student enters the start code at the end of the check-in process, they won’t be able to adjust settings because Bluebook locks their device. Students will be able to access configuration instructions through the Help menu in Bluebook if needed.