My 12th grade AP cohort count is not what I expected. How do I check if all 12th grade students in the most recent exam administration have been included?

If you believe that a student is excluded from your most recent 12th- grade enrolled student count, an “incorrect attending school” may be the root cause. A student may not appear in your reports if they selected the wrong school during the registration process or transferred schools midyear and did not update their registration. You can have your AP coordinator or principal submit a request to add a student via the Administrator Tools available on the website to correct this issue. As part of our commitment to protecting student data, once your request has been received, we will reach out to the student to give them the opportunity to review and confirm or deny your request. Because of this, a response to your request may take longer than our usual timeframe of 7–10 business days. Note that any data corrections can only be applied to students who took an exam in the most recent exam administration. 

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