For AP Computer Science Principles (CSP), how will the Personalized Project Reference needed for Section II of the exam be provided for students testing with an accommodation such as assistive technology?

If a student is taking the digital AP CSP Exam, the AP coordinator will need to print a copy of the student’s Personalized Project Reference for the student to use during Section II of the exam, the same as you’d provide if students are taking a paper exam.

Students taking a digital exam using a screen reader will need to be assisted by a human reader only during Section II of the exam, to assist them in reading the printed Personalized Project Reference. In this case, a request for the accommodation of human reader needs to be submitted through SSD Online by the SSD coordinator if the student is not already approved for a human reader. 

If a student is approved to use screen magnification software, the Personalized Project Reference may be downloaded onto a computer by the AP coordinator before the exam, which the student can use only during Section II of the exam with their screen magnification software. 

See AP CSP: Questions About Accommodations for details about accommodations for the AP CSP Exam and the Personalized Project Reference.