AP Music Theory

AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2

This page offers a summary to help you prepare for the 2024 AP Exams. Review the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2 for complete information.

Ordering Master CDs

Each AP Music Theory Exam order includes one set of master CDs (one master listening CD and one master sight singing CD), regardless of the number of exams ordered. If there will be multiple testing rooms for the AP Music Theory Exam, you’ll need to order a set of master CDs for each testing room. Order additional master CDs by March 15. Review the “Ordering Additional Master CDs” section in the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1.

When you submit your exam order, you may request:

  • 1 additional master sight singing CD for every 4 exams ordered
  • 1 additional master listening CD for every 10 exams ordered

You may add additional master CDs to your exam order until March 15, 2024, 11:59 p.m. ET.

Administering the Exams

AP Music Theory Exams require special equipment and exam procedures. Student responses for these exams are recorded using digital recording equipment and must be submitted through the Digital Audio Submission (DAS) portal to be scored. Visit the following pages for more information:   

New! Administering AP World Language Exams with Extended Time

The Administering AP Music Theory Exams with Extended Time guide is now available. This guide provides additional support in administering 2024 AP Music Theory Exams to students who are approved by the College Board SSD office for time and one-half (50%) or double time (100%) extended time.

More information about setting up and administering these exams, is in the “AP Music Theory Exam” section in the 2023-24 AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2.

Key Dates

Fri, Mar 15, 2024

11:59 PM ET

Deadline to Add Additional Master CDs to Your Exam Order

You may add additional master CDs to your order through AP Registration and Ordering until this deadline.