Recording Audio

The AP French, German, Italian, and Spanish Language and Culture Exams and the AP Music Theory Exam require students to record responses. All student audio responses for these exams must be submitted through the Digital Audio Submission (DAS) portal to be scored. 

The table below shows the requirements for the recording methods approved by the AP Program. Schools must adhere to these criteria to ensure exam security. Details about policies for audio recording are in the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2.

Reminder: Make sure student-recorded responses from any previous year’s exams and any practice responses have been deleted from recording devices and from any network drives and folders before they are used for this year’s exam. If you don’t delete old files, you run the risk of submitting the wrong files to the AP Program. 

Approved Recording Methods 


Digital Language Lab 

Handheld Recording Device 


DAC App Running on iPad or Chromebook 


Must be school owned and controlled. (Under no circumstances can students use their own personal devices.) 

Software Required 

Manufacturer's software/program 


Use MP3 recording software (e.g., Audacity). 

DAC app (No other recording software may be used.) 

Installation Before Exam Day 


Install MP3 recording software on every testing computer. 

Download/install DAC app on every testing iPad or Chromebook. 

Internet Connectivity 

Student access to the internet must be blocked or disabled. 

Wi-Fi must be enabled for DAC app to directly upload files to DAS portal. 

Camera/Webcam Restricted 

Any camera/webcam must be inaccessible or disabled. 

iPad camera must be enabled for app to scan AP ID barcode label. 

Chromebook Bluetooth, external camera, and built-in webcam must be inaccessible or disabled. 

File Format Required 

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for saving MP3 files. 

Device must be able to save files in MP3 format. 

Follow MP3 recording software instructions for saving files. 

DAC app saves and uploads files directly to DAS portal. 

Saving Recorded Files 

Lab must be able to save MP3 files to the proctor console computer or to a secure school network folder. 

Device must have a way to transfer files to a computer. 

Computer must be set up to save MP3 files locally to the testing computer or to a secure school network folder. 


World Language and Culture Exams: Headsets* are allowed. Wireless headsets and earbuds are prohibited. 

Music Theory Exams: Headsets and earbuds are not allowed. 

*Ensure any headsets used are compatible with the recording device. 

Note: The AP Program does not endorse any particular brand of recording device or equipment. Regardless of the recording method being used, AP Exams must be administered following the procedures in the AP Exam Instructions. 

Learn more about the recording methods: