Submitting Incident Report (IR) Forms

If a testing incident occurs that requires submission of an Incident Report (IR) form, use the online IR form at AP Registration and Ordering

How to Complete and Submit IR Forms 

  • Beginning May 1, access the form by going to the Students page and clicking the Incident Report Submission link, above the student roster.  

  • You should gather all information needed to complete the IR form (one per incident per exam) before filling it out in AP Registration and Ordering.  

Screen shot showing how to submit an Incident Report form in AP Registration and Ordering
Note: The screen above is a sample. You’ll see the current year’s information in AP Registration and Ordering.

When to Submit IR Forms 

  • Paper exams and Chinese and Japanese exams: Submit forms before you return each exam shipment. 

  • Digital exams: Submit forms within 48 hours after the exam. 

For complete information about reporting incidents, refer to the 2022-23 AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2 and the 2023 AP Coordinator Exam Day Guide for In-School Digital Exams