Returning AP Exams

This page provides a summary to help you prepare for the 2024 AP Exams. More information will be in the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2, available in early 2024. 

All completed answer sheets and all secure AP Exam materials (exam booklets, orange booklets included with some of the exams, and master CDs) must be returned to the AP Program.

June 1 is the final deadline for all exam materials (regularly scheduled or late testing) to be received by the AP Program. Schools are billed twice the fee for each exam in shipments received after this date.

Important: The split shipment return program applies to schools that ordered 150 or more regularly scheduled AP Exams and are administering those exams over both weeks of the AP Exam administration. These schools are automatically enrolled in and required to use the split shipment program. Due to the high volume of materials being returned, prioritize returning week 1 and week 2 shipments as soon as you’ve completed administering exams for each week.

Schools outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico: Schools outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico that don't receive pre-printed labels with their AP Exam materials will use the ETS Returns via DHL portal to generate and print their DHL return labels and schedule the pickup of their AP Exam return shipment(s).  Learn more.