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Before January 2018

January and February 2018

  • In mid- to early January, AP coordinators at schools with Studio Art programs and AP Studio Art teachers receive an email from AP indicating that the AP Studio Art Digital Submission Web Application is available.
  • Access the web application as early as possible. Follow the appropriate instructions in this demo [for Studio Art Digital Submission] for accessing it. If you used the application previously, you should use your existing account credentials.
  • Pass access information (including your school code and teacher key) to Studio Art students as soon as they are available. View this demo [for Studio Art Digital Submission] for more information.
  • Encourage students to begin uploading images as soon as possible after accessing the application so that you can monitor the development of the portfolios throughout the spring. (Images can always be deleted or rearranged later.)
  • Establish and communicate a firm deadline for students to forward finalized digital portfolios to you (ideally, after students receive their AP numbers and college codes from the AP coordinator, or by sometime in late April) so that you have enough time for a final review before forwarding them to your AP coordinator.
  • Confirm with your AP coordinator when you will forward them your students’ digital portfolios. This date should be well before May 11, 2018.
  • Make sure students have successfully set up their access to the web application and that they have chosen the correct portfolio type (i.e., 2-D Design, 3-D Design, or Drawing).
  • Confirm with the AP coordinator the number of portfolios your students will be submitting so that enough portfolios are ordered.
  • Note: Before your AP coordinator places your school’s Studio Art exam order, the number of total portfolios that can be set up online by your school’s students will be limited to the number of portfolios your school ordered last year, plus 10 percent to accommodate growth. If you have a significant increase this year in the number of Studio Art students interested in the exam, your coordinator should place your order as early as possible.
  • Studio Art exams are ordered separately from other exams on the AP Exam Ordering website, so your coordinator can place your Studio Art order early if needed.

March and April 2018

  • Continue to provide guidance to students as they work on completing their portfolios.
  • Confirm that the AP coordinator provides students with their AP numbers and the list of college codes from their AP Student Packs. They'll need this information to finalize and submit their portfolios to you.
  • Ensure students submit their final digital portfolios to you by your established deadline.

May 2018

  • Forward students’ completed digital portfolios to the AP coordinator as soon as possible after students forward them to you, and well in advance of May 11, 2018.
  • On or before May 11, the AP coordinator will work with you to ensure 2-D Design and Drawing students have assembled the Quality sections (the five actual artworks) of their portfolios. The coordinator will ship the physical portfolios containing the Quality sections to the AP Program before the close of the next business day following the school’s last regularly scheduled AP Exam.
  • After you forward portfolios to your coordinator, sign back in to the web application occasionally to view the portfolios’ statuses to ensure that your coordinator forwards all digital portfolios to the AP Program by 8 p.m. ET on May 11. Only coordinators can take this final step, and only portfolios that have a “Sent to AP” status at the time of the deadline will be received by the AP Program and scored.